Thursday, March 24, 2011

How to Troll Malaysian

I'm dreaming of doing something like this...
I wish someday Proton will do this for their own sake...haha...

1. Produce a brand new car. As usual, make sure there's no leak.

2. Put any established or at least oversea's car manufacturer topmark eg. Nissan, Toyota, VW, etc.

3. Take that car into public, get their attention and see how they comment. Probably it will be

"Waaaa, Nissan has come out with a GSC model naissss..."

"When this car will be launched? Cannot wait la, why our national car is not like this??"

"It's VW la bro, no wonder la design diorg gempak2, curve sini sana...perghh..."

4. After a few weeks, take the car back inside, and change the topmark back to Proton emblem.

5. Check out the next day Metro headline.

Thank you.

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